Importance Of a Summer Job

Since all of us can remember our parents have said “you need a summer job” or “you need a job now”. Thinking of it now with the real world creeping up more and more, summer jobs gave a lot of people the stability and growth to be able to work in the “real world”.

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For someone who has been working a summer job for the past six years, it made me realize the importance of going to work every day and having to tell people “no I can’t make it I have work” or “no I can’t just call in, they are expecting me their today”. Just a few examples of what you have to say to someone who doesn’t work during the summer and doesn’t understand the importance of going. My summer job is lifeguarding at a private beach club on Long Island.

I learned from working there for the past six years is that you have to go to work even if you don’t want to and that you are going to work with people that you aren’t going to like. One thing about the beach club is that my family friends own it, so learning to work with “family” is probably the hardest thing to do. A lot of summer jobs are working with family, and with that comes extra eyes on you and making sure you are doing everything right and not messing something up.

We see summer jobs as an outlet for money when we are 16 and starting to work, but at 22 I see it as a place that I grew up and became responsible and being able to manage time between work and social life. Being able to hold a job for past 6 years at the same place, and being able to hold this type of responsibility, helps with going into the ‘real world’ by being able to take control of certain situations and know what to do at any time. Being a lifeguard taught me not only to be someone in charge of young children but also be able to connect with people older than me. The process of being a lifeguard is that you have to be able to help and socialize with all ages and this helps with going into the real world because you are going to have to socialize with everyone at all ages.

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Not saying that summer jobs help you with this idea but it brings a lot of responsibility to yourself and shows that you are committed to something. It also shows you that your summers aren’t just your time off from school, but it is your time to grow as someone and gain experience. Experience in an area of a field that might not actually be your real full-time job is usually not the skill you hear but its the skill of learning how you can take those skills into another place.

So don’t be afraid to take that summer job, not have a social life, and earn money that you might just spend right away. Be able to learn from this job in the three months you have of it because you never know what lesson you are going to take from it. Also, you never are going to be able to look back on something and realize that summer job wasn’t just a summer job it was something part of my life and I enjoyed going their everyday.

Why You Should Live By One Quote

When you look at people's social media they always have some quote in their bio or around there homepage. Usually this is a quote that they live by or something they just love to say. Quotes give people a way to express themselves without really saying what they believe about the topic Also the use of quotes gives you way to relate images and words together. The power of quotes is something that a lot of people don't realize in some ways. 

You should really live by one quote because you can go back to that quote at anytime if you feel like you need to be picked up about a certain topic or you just want to remember what you believe in. Quotes are just words, its the way you take the quote and digest it to your own meaning in life. If you can find the quote to describe what you are feeling then go with it. But don't tell everyone that it could only mean that.

Quotes are important to have, people use them for pictures everyday, as bio's or just for fun sayings. The quote you choose to live by is something you don't have to project all over the place but you can if you want. Just remember the world we live in is the opinion based only at times. Just like this blog post its all opinion based on what I think. You might think we shouldn't live by one quote or you think it should be more than one. At this point anything can happen and you can take it all at once or not. 

So maybe think about the quote you want to be able to have to go back on at anytime. Maybe think of more than one quote to have for different events. You don't always have to just pick one, picking one is sometimes way to hard to relate to everything that is going on. It is helpfully to have ideas of topics in many ways. Just go for it, realizing that I always go back on quotes throughout troubles, excitement or just trying to tell someone how I feel. It is so easy to go through this process with the help for someone else putting together words to have a meaning. You can make your own quotes too, anything goes just think about life and it will take you there.

Quotes above are connecting to Pinterest with other quotes you can look at.

The Next Project That is Waiting to Happen

Every spring break my family would go away, but this year we went away during winter break. So with staying at home a new video/photo project is going to be something different then just being away on some topical island in the middle of the ocean. Christmas I got the Krama Drone by GoPro and I haven't even gotten to fly it yet because of the weather. But thinking that I need a new video/photo project the drone might be flying this upcoming week and into the summer hopefully.

Peconic Bay - Hampton Bays. One location idea for project - capturing the sunset

Peconic Bay - Hampton Bays. One location idea for project - capturing the sunset

The idea of this project is to capture the south fork of Long Island, from the landscapes of the beaches to the close view of the oceans. It will be a different perspective and video that I haven't done before because this will be the first time using a drone, but the adventure of it will be amazing.

Coopers Beach - Southampton. One location idea for project - flying over when the ocean meets the sand

Coopers Beach - Southampton. One location idea for project - flying over when the ocean meets the sand

Planning a location to start is going to be hard, but planning the whole video and what photos to take is even harder, especially if you are by yourself which I usually am when I do these types of things. This is hard to because you have to make sure you don't get in trouble with anyone while filming or taking photos. 

Coopers Beach, Southampton. - Flying or using the grip with GoPro to get video of the seagulls.

Coopers Beach, Southampton. - Flying or using the grip with GoPro to get video of the seagulls.

The start of the project would be driving to the location of first choice to show, with using my GoPro sticking it somewhere in my car to show the drive to location to film the next location. Even though the final project will be all the film, the photo part of the project is to build my portfolio of landscape locations all over the South Fork. 

Montauk Point - Montauk. - One location for the project -flying over the rocks and the water by the lighthouse

Montauk Point - Montauk. - One location for the project -flying over the rocks and the water by the lighthouse

The project might take more time then needed because of this weather we are having every other day. Snow and the wind needs to calm down and leave so this project can take flight before the summer starts. Even with spring break gone and I only got to explore sites that I would want to take video at, it still makes the project more exciting to see what can come out of it all.

Montauk Point, Montauk. - One location for the project - standing from parking lot to get a over flight look of the lighthouse and area around it

Montauk Point, Montauk. - One location for the project - standing from parking lot to get a over flight look of the lighthouse and area around it

One Photo at a Time

Photography they way to stop time and be able to go back in time and relive the moment. But what if we take this concept of photography and make it a style of life to be able to look back on every single memory. We might not think that we are telling a story by one click. But that one click can change the whole perspective of a story. 


  Southampton, New York - Peconic Bay 

 Southampton, New York - Peconic Bay 

We all have our ways of outlining what we think and believe. Photography is one way, the way you take a picture could describe the true meaning you are feeling at that moment but you might not even realize you are feeling that. Painting pictures, playing videos games, anything really ha an impact on you will have an impact on someone else.  

I think some people look at photography and editing the pictures as a way to get more “likes” because that is our culture now. But the artistic view of photography is still ther if you just look deep enough. We impact each other to the point that looking at the art we made by anything will have a bigger impact.

Southampton, New York - Peconic Beach

Southampton, New York - Peconic Beach

Have you ever thought that something so simple as taking a picture could have an impact on any, then you don't really see the power of the pictures that you are looking at. The stories behind each one brings everything to a different perspective. So next time you pick up your phone, camera or anything to capture a moment think about what it could mean to someone that might see it. Think about the impact you could have on someone if they see it and don't know you or what you are talking about.

Hampton Bays, New York - Road K

Hampton Bays, New York - Road K

Thoughts of a Second Semester Senior

It always seems impossible until it’s done - Nelson Mandela

In your last semester of college people are still going to ask you, "what is your dream job?", "what do you want to be when your grow up?", and "what's the plan come the summer?". If you haven't heard those question, then you probably have your life figured out, unlike every other senior that is in college. We all want to grow up, stop taking classes, be able to do what we want, not worrying about assignments, but how is that actually figuring out what we want to do for the next chapter we are writing for ourselves.

IMG_0233-2-with logo.jpg

I've had gone through four years of college to get a degree in Mass Communication in the area of concentration of Broadcast Media. When I think that I've had done all this work to think that I want to go back to school for something else is crazy for people to think. They are like "go to grad school that will give you the skills you need", "look for the dream job, you will get it don't worry". How can someone tell you what to do when really we don't know what we want to do. The dream job can be there in the future but you have to grow up and work at that lower job to get there and acheive that goal.

If it’s both terrifying and amazing then you should definitely pursue it

Grad school isn't for everyone, we come to the conclusion when some kids just can't do college, its the same with grad school. Why pay for schooling when you have the skills that you are going to learn over again. Yes its good to learn those skills and better them but it might be to the point that you could teach the class (its happen this year so far). The point is don't go do the extra schooling when really you might not actually need it.

If you haven’t felt like quitting. Your dreams aren’t big enough

We all look at college in a way to grow up and it is but after college is were the big growing up takes place. Its were you see, do I fit in this place or should I try somewhere else. Its also were you see if you should still live in the same state you always lived in or move. Moving isn't scary, college students go to colleges far away from home its good. But if you are a homebody, maybe moving away will be good for yourself and you career. I know when I heard people say "I can't be away from my family", or that "they cant live anywhere else" I just think have you every travel to a place and realize that its better then home. Its a scary thing to think somewhere is better then home but it can be, I know it can be but does everyone else do.

I want to travel across the world and breathe the air of new places

Summer jobs.. Summer jobs... a college students life and life saving in college. People just think they have graduated so they won't be coming back. Nope thats not happening, if you love that summer job and you have no plans go back to it. Make the money you make and figure out your future while doing it. You never know if you don't work that one summer, someone who works in the place that might be your dream job could help you. The stepping stones of a summer job is big and I feel like its a big one when you do it after graduations. 

We live and breath with being done with every chapter in our lives. If you can't figure out what you want to do in life, realize maybe your hobby could be a fall back, maybe starting a blog to talk about everything you think, or maybe stick to the path we all are set on from our family to actually become an adult. Its weird to think come May we aren't going to know what comes next like the past but isn't that the biggest step of growing up figuring out how to write the next chapter and seeing how long the adventure will be.


It is finally October and we are already in week two of the month. We been all wanting October to come because we want fall weather ... but that hasn't come yet. October comes with pumpkin picking, apple picking and all different activities.


If you haven't already noticed with the title of this post, #isitoctoberyet? is relating to hockey. This is probably one of my favorite months because hockey is finally back but it also brings me to watch something on tv besides odd shows. Even with hockey starting, I still like to do the typically fall activites, even going to the beach, because why not. Its still somewhat warm out (girls are still wearing jean shorts..) but the beach is a place to relax and fall sunset are even better then summer ones.  


But with October its the time to realize that the semester is almost over. Which is crazy to hear or even think. I still think that I just started these classes but my night class professors are already talking about final project presentation and when everything is due (WHY?). Senior year is going by way to fast but at the same time, this year so far has been learning who you really are going to be.

Also that comes with this month is that I'm attending "The SHE Summit" which is about women empowerment and making sure the work place is equal for all. This event is something that is different but great to go because of the experience and be involve with interviews and everything going on. Women that are CEOs of their companies, coaches in the sports world, gay athletes helping other show that they can be equal. 

Autumn approaches and the heart begins to dream

At times no one knows what they want to do when they grow up, even after four years of college you don't know what the next step is. I realize that everyone is starting to ask what is next? What are you going to do come May? Where do you see yourself? But really I don't see myself anywhere yet because it is only October and I'm still doing homework and being a student (reality check still in college and have to do work even though its senior year). The time will come in the next couple months to figure out what in store. But this month is for all the fun and games to realize that I can watch hockey, go out with friends, go to the city with no plans, and just be myself and learn new things without thinking about a job.

Soccer Showdown

Soccer Showdown is filmed every Thursday night at 5:00 at Iona College for the North Ave Nation YouTube page. The show talks about the recent news and what might happen in the soccer world in the week before the show and what is going happen during the following week. They hit every target from USA to all the leagues in the worlds. Every week I'll be posting the YouTube link to this page to keep everyone updated on everything.

Below is episode three of this season

On this episode of Soccer Showdown, Joe Archino and Martino Puccio break down the UEFA Champions League group stage, UEFA Europa Cup, and a massive upcoming clash in the Premier League between Chelsea and Arsenal. 

To watch episode one and two click this link and it will bring you to the soccer showdown page on this site. 

Wait ... August Is Almost Over Already?

First it was Memorial Day Weekend, then it was June, then 4th of July weekend. Now its almost the middle of August and everyone is going back to school.

New places and events that me and friends did were going to drum circle on Monday nights at Sagg Main Beach. It started out as people just practicing to now performing for everyone who comes. We eat dinner on the beach, hangout and enjoy the music. This has become a regular place to go on Mondays then after we will drive to Sag Harbor and get frozen yogurt from Buddhaberry.


Another place that became new to me this summer was Pure Barre - Southampton. This workout place is all based on ballet training (which I have none) but this workout makes almost every part of your body hurt, especially the day after. My friend Anna told me about the class after she went to one. So we planned to go to one and since then we been going once or twice a week. Each time you go you feel more improvements in your body then you did in the class before.

The best life is the one that keeps you on your toes

Also with the summer ending, you learn who your true friends are. As you get older your friend group in the summer isn't always going to be the same. This year was the year of giving and losing some, coming to terms that we all aren't out here full time, like when we were little. But with being older and all of us growing up, trying to make the effort and time to see each other. Learning who is going to make the effort and isn't shows you the true color of them in how they look at your friendship. In the end we always need a learn experience like this even if it happens more than once in your life, it makes you grow up and grow into a better person.

If you’re not losing friends then you’re not growing up

To end this post, I want to give an update on the video of this summer, "Ever Sec of Summer". Making this so far has been fun because it bringing back memories of everything that happen each of those day like they never ended. 

Every Sec of Summer

Memorial Day Weekend came and gone before anyone could actually plan that summer is official here. With this weekend its the time to plan what everyone is going to be doing this summer. There's a lot of different things to do in the summer as a group or by yourself. Every summer me and my friends always try to make a bucket list on what we are going to do and we never do anything on the list. So this year we took a different approach to the summer. Every year is different, so instead of planning every single day, we are just going to take each day as we go and plan something when we know we are all together to actually do it. 


One idea that we are going to stick to (or at least try to) is make a video throughout the whole summer of every sec of summer. Each day we do something together or by ourselves, we are going to take a 2-5 sec video and mash it all together to make it one full length video. The length of the video will be based on how many videos we actually take each day we do something different. From every weekend, week day, sec, minute, and hour we are together it will come together to be able to remember the summer in a different way instead of looking at pictures. we will be taken back into those memories we made together before we all go back to college and plan the next adventure we all will take together or by ourselves. 

To get a look at what it's going to look at heres the start of the video from Memorial Day Weekend. 

Summer is not obligatory. We can start an infernally hard jigsaw puzzle in June with the knowledge that, if there are enough rainy days, we may just finish it by Labor Day, but if not, there’s no harm, no penalty. We may have better things to do